Understanding Automotive Paint Products

Understanding Automotive Paint Products

Don't Let Dents And Drifts Last Too Long

Stanley Garcia

Some people believe that auto body problems such as a slightly dented axle or crushed fenders and side panels are minor issues that can be fixed later. Unfortunately, problems such as poor gas mileage and driving dangers can be made worse if you don't fix the issue.

By understanding a few concepts of the costs caused by ignoring collision repair issues, you can understand how dire the situation is and save more money in the long run:

Gas Mileage And Safety Concerns

Cars are designed to be aerodynamic. They need to have as little air resistance as possible while remaining securely planted onto the ground. To achieve this, specific shapes and designs are instilled in a car's body.

When your vehicle is dented, the design can become less functional. Large pockets of air can collect on dents as you drive forward, which can slow the vehicle down like a drag race parachute being deployed. The effect isn't as drastic, but dents can increase the amount of air that is blocked and not properly redirected.

If your vehicle isn't resisting air well, the engine has to work harder to move at the same speed. This means more gas consumption and more wear and tear on the engine. Instead of driving in a damaged car, get to an auto body repair shop to fix the issue and save on gas money instead of wasting it for years.

Axle Damage Can Increase Over Time

If your vehicle was involved in an accident and seems to be wobbling, you may have axle damage as well. The axle can easily be damaged if the tires are hit directly or if the car drags violently against a surface after being hit.

A damaged axle can manifest itself as a constant bumping feeling while driving. The feeling can be incorrectly attributed to tire problems, which can be easily assessed at a collision repair shop. As time goes by, even a slight vibrating or bumping feeling can become more drastic as the axle become more and more out of precision alignment.

A collision repair shop can help you by analyzing the alignment of the axle in order to find out how drastic the damage is. Axles can be realigned if the damage is minimal and you get to the shop soon enough, but a violently warped axle may need to be replaced.

Contact an auto body repair shop to begin assessing the damages to your vehicle and plan a way to get safely back on the road.


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