Understanding Automotive Paint Products

Understanding Automotive Paint Products

How To Fix Rust Before It Spreads

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Rust is the one thing can eat away at the exterior of the body of any automobile and completely erode it. Rust must be dealt with swiftly and removed before it has the chance to spread to other areas of the body. Small rust spots can be fixed with simple tools that you can find in almost any garage. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to fix small rust spots on your car before they have a chance to spread.

To complete this job you will need the following items:

A pair of gloves

A pair of safety glasses

High grade sandpaper

Electric sander


Painters tape


A can of primer paint

A can of matching paint to the body of the car

1 - Before you begin you should wear a pair of gloves and safety glasses throughout the entire job. These will protect your skin from coming into contact with rust and protect your eyes from loose bits that might fly into the air.

2 - Start by taking the sandpaper and using it to break up all the loose bits of paint and the rough edges on or around the rust spot.

3 - With the smooth edges sanded out, you can put the high grade sandpaper on the electric sander and begin sanding off the rust. The electric sander will remove the rust all the way down to the bare metal on the car. Continue sanding until all the rust is removed and the bare metal is completely exposed.

4 - Tape off the area of the car that needs to be painted with the painters tape to prevent you from getting paint into areas that don't need it. Make sure that you leave about an extra quarter inch around the exposed metal to ensure that you get the entire surface area that needs to be painted.

5 - Apply a coat of primer paint to the area. Make sure that the paint goes on smooth and evenly throughout the surface area. Heavy coats of paint will be visible from a distance and look unattractive. Let the primer dry for a full twenty-four period before you move to the next step.

5 - With the primer paint dry, you can now apply the final coat of matching paint to the body over the primer. Make sure that you paint it evenly and allow a full day to dry to complete the job.

If the rust spot has eroded through the body of the car you should take it into a professional auto body expert like Car Painting by Boyd Autobody & Glass who can fix it. They will be able to fix more complex rust spots that require body filler and cannot be fixed on your own.


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