Understanding Automotive Paint Products

Understanding Automotive Paint Products

Dented Car? Here's How Your Body Shop Finds The Perfect Paint Match

Stanley Garcia

If you've been in a fender bender and you're dealing with an unsightly dent, you will most likely opt to take your vehicle to a local auto body repair shop. Their job is to not only fix and smooth out the dent, but also to apply a new coat of paint to your car so it looks as good as new. When it comes to finding the perfect match in terms of color, most body shops follow a specific process to ensure that they've found an exact match.

Finding The Color Code

In order for the body to shop to select the correct color, the mechanic will use your vehicle's original paint color code. All car colors come with an associated code that is designed to guide consumers and mechanics in finding the exact paint color needed for touch-up jobs. This code can usually be found somewhere in your owner's manual or in your vehicle's original sale documents. The mechanic can also contact the manufacturer personally and provide them with the VIN number, or Vehicle Identification Number in order to help them obtain the code. If your car is not currently its original color, they will need to try and find out where you got it painted so they can get the code number from the facility that painted it.

Using Color Tones

The color code for your car's paint color is designed to help the mechanic decide which colors to use when they paint the repaired dent but in order to get an absolutely perfect match, they may need to incorporate several tones together. The repair shop can order as many different tones as needed to blend together so the color will match perfectly. This is achieved by matching several color tones together in layers to find the appropriate shade so it looks good when it's painted.

Mixing The Paint

After the auto body shop has retrieved the color code and obtained all of the tones needed to make a match, the paints will be mixed together to get the right hue or shade for your vehicle. They will gradually mix the tones together until the paint color reaches the right match. The mechanic should be able to adjust the color levels until they blend perfectly with the rest of your car's color. Once the tones are mixed together, the painting process can begin and you should have a completely repaired vehicle that looks as good as new. 


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