Understanding Automotive Paint Products

Understanding Automotive Paint Products

Make Sure You Get Max Value When Selling Your Used Muscle Car: 3 Important Fix Up Tips

Stanley Garcia

If you're getting ready to sell your muscle car, then you should do your best to make sure it looks fantastic. People looking for a muscle car want one that looks like it could be in the pages of a magazine, so you should focus on the cosmetics. If they like the look of the visuals, they can always spend time later doing upgrade work on the engine block themselves as a weekend project. But it's important grab their attention, and the way your muscle cars looks is super important. So, here are three things to do.

Fix Any Noticeable Dents

Dents in the body are a huge turnoff. It conveys the image of an old beater, a past its prime muscle car that is no longer showroom worthy. That's not going to grab peoples attention. Instead, what you should do is bring your car into a local auto body repair shop and have them fix any dents. The ideal situation would involve them "pulling" or hammering out the dents. This will keep the car "authentic", the same body panels it was produced with stay with the car. Under not circumstance use body fill. If the panels can't be fixed by "pulling" or hammering, then you should ask the auto body if they can source original panels from a used parts dealer. As a last resort, use modern panels. The paint match will be corrected when you have the car repainted.

Repaint The Exterior

After the dents have been taken care of it is time to fix the paint. Your car's paint has probably faded over the years, and one of the most important things for a muscle car is a super cherry paint job. So, you should invest some money into having a really nice paint job done on the car. This will be a huge draw for people who they are looking at your cars photos on collector websites, specialty magazines, and certainly in person.

Steam Clean The Interior and Engine Block

Steam cleaning is the final step in making the car look super cool. You will need to do the interior upholstery. This will make it look fresh, but also smell nice when potential buyers come around and look at the car. Even though they will be buying an old muscle car, they don't want it to smell old and musty (or of cigarettes, dog, or whatever other odor might have taken up residence). Besides the interior, you should also have the engine block steam cleaned. Not all muscle cars need to have chromed out engines, but the engine block should be free of burnt on oil, and other gunk that will just be a total buzzkill for a person looking to buy their dream car.


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