Understanding Automotive Paint Products

Understanding Automotive Paint Products

Exterior RV Features That May Need Repairs After A Collision

Stanley Garcia

In a regular vehicle, when you are involved in a collision, you may be facing things like a new paint job, a replacement fender, or maybe even some new parts for the motor. However, if you have an accident in your RV, there is a whole list of other items that can be damaged that you will have to consider. For this reason, it is always best to only entrust RV collision repair to a true professional. Check out this short list of some of the exterior components of your RV that may have to be repaired or replaced after an accident:

Exterior Speakers - Modern RVs are commonly equipped with exterior speaker systems. This allows those traveling or camping in an RV to easily entertain or enjoy music while they hand out outside of the vehicle. During a collision, the speakers themselves can be damaged or moved, but the wiring leading to those speakers can also be affected. 

Awning - Many RVs are equipped with a retractable awning system along one side that allows travelers to have a makeshift patio area when they are parked. If your RV is struck by an object or another vehicle, this awning and its operational components can be damaged. 

Water Tanks - Water is most often stored in tanks on the outside of the RV and can usually be found running along the bottom of the vehicle. If a water tank is damaged during a collision, it can cause problems with water damage and leaks. Likewise, the water lines leading to and from the tanks will have to be fully examined for problems after a wreck. 

Storage Compartments - Exterior storage compartments help keep the inside of the RV free from necessary items that you may need while on the go, such as suitcases, swimming and fishing gear, or other items. These storage compartments usually are tucked behind doors that open on the outside of the RV, which means they may be directly impacted during a collision. In these situations, the doors of the storage compartment tend to need replacing. 

HVAC System - If your RV is involved in a major accident and is rolled over during the process, many of the components on top of the vehicle may need repairs or replacement, especially the HVAC system. The HVAC system is typically compact but still protrudes out from the top of the vehicle, which means it is highly susceptible to damage during a rollover. 


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