Understanding Automotive Paint Products

Understanding Automotive Paint Products

One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure: Repairing Hail Damaged Vehicles Bought At Auctions

Stanley Garcia

A severe hail storm can damage homes and vehicles and leave people scrambling for ways to pay for repairs. However, when a hail storm damages the inventory of car dealerships, the amount of loss can be in the millions of dollars. Of course, this is unfortunate for the dealership but can be a great way for consumers to purchase vehicles at drastically reduced prices. Here's what you need to know before heading to an auction for vehicles severely damaged by hail

Stick with new or certified pre-owned models 

Inventory at an auction full of hail damaged vehicles will have both new and used vehicles. Since you'll more than likely want to repair the hail damage, you don't want to add the costs of the potential unknowns of used vehicles. Most car dealerships have certified used vehicles that had been repaired or maintained so they were as good as new before the hail damage. This process is called certification of pre-owned vehicles. Avoid cars that did not go through the process of certification. 

Scour local salvage yards for usable parts

Since the vehicles have extensive hail damage, you can save money by buying replacement parts at a salvage yard. Take a look at the inventory and determine which vehicles you are most interested in and the amount of hail damage those vehicles have. Scour your local auto salvage yards for vehicles of the same years, makes, and models for parts that may be used as replacements, particularly the hoods, trunks, windshields, and back windows of the vehicles. Of course, keep in mind that it may be extremely difficult to find the newest models in an auto salvage yard. 

Decide what color to paint the car 

With severe hail damage, the repair service will more than likely need to repaint your vehicle as paintless dent repair is not suitable for severe damage. It may be difficult for the service to exactly match the paint, especially if some or all parts are replaced. Instead of trying to match the paint, consider having the entire car painted so there are no discrepancies in the color and texture of the paint. 

If you like the current paint color of a vehicle you purchase at an auction, use the services of an auto body shop that utilizes a device that is called a spectrophotometer, which identifies the exact color and shade of the vehicle to create a formula for a perfect match. 


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