Understanding Automotive Paint Products

Understanding Automotive Paint Products

3 Collision Repair Challenges Unique To Hybrid Vehicles

Stanley Garcia

More and more drivers are turning to hybrid vehicles in an effort to reduce the environmental impact of driving on a daily basis. If you are thinking of investing in a hybrid vehicle, you need to be aware that these vehicles can pose some unique challenges if you are even involved in an auto accident while behind the wheel of a hybrid vehicle.

Understanding what it entails to repair body damage to a hybrid vehicle will allow you to be better prepared to care for your next environmentally friendly vehicle.

1. Towing Limitations

Vehicles that sustain body damage in a collision are often towed to the nearest repair center. When you have a hybrid vehicle, you need to use extreme caution when having the car towed.

A hybrid should never be towed behind another vehicle using tow straps or a chain. A car dolly should also be avoided, as manufacturers don't recommend towing a hybrid vehicle while any of the road wheels are in rotation.

You will need to contact a professional tow company to bring a flatbed truck that can safely transport your hybrid vehicle to an auto body shop for repairs.

2. Lengthy Diagnostic Process

Once your hybrid vehicle arrives safely at a collision repair facility, the vehicle will need to undergo a thorough inspection before the repair process can begin. No dents or dings in the body panels or bumpers of your vehicle can be repaired until a technician verifies that there are no electric wires, connectors, modules, or batteries behind the damaged panels.

A collision can cause damage to your vehicle's electrical system, which will require more extensive repairs than just straightening out the body panels.

3. Specialized Repair Approach

Only highly skilled and specially trained technicians have the ability to work on hybrid vehicles.

The threat of electrocution always exists when a hybrid vehicle has sustained damage in an auto collision. Technicians must be prepared to guard against electrocution by knowing how to disable the vehicle's electrical system and by wearing protective gear when conducting body repairs.

Not all body shops will have the tools and experience needed to work on a hybrid vehicle, so identify a shop in your area that is capable of restoring a hybrid vehicle after a collision now and you will be prepared for any accidents in the future.

Driving a hybrid can help save the environment, but it can make collision repairs difficult. Prepare yourself now for any body work that your vehicle may need in the future to avoid costly delays.

For more information, contact a local car body repair service.


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