Understanding Automotive Paint Products

Understanding Automotive Paint Products

The Age Old Debate: Dealership Or Auto Repair Shop?

Stanley Garcia

If you are a car owner whose vehicle is in need of some repairs, you may wonder who you should trust. Do you take your car to the dealership or will you let a local auto repair shop take care of it? Many car owners have debated which repairs are better. Unfortunately, there is not a straight answer. There will always be situations in which the correct answer for you will be different than someone else. Here are a few tips to figuring out which way you should turn for repairs. 

How Old Is Your Car?

Many people who have older vehicles choose to go to an auto repair shop. This is mostly due to the fact that cars lose much of their resale value over time. Hence, costly repairs from a dealership may not be worth it if your car is older than about ten years. For newer vehicles, you may want to invest in dealership repairs, since they may help your car hold onto its value for longer. 

How Much Are Repairs?

The sad truth is that dealership repairs are usually two to three times more expensive than auto shop repairs. This is usually due to the fact that everything must be done by the book in the dealership. In auto repair shops, mechanics are allowed to use their experience and imagination to get repairs done much faster, limiting the number of manhours on a project and saving you money. 

Are You Selling Soon?

If you are planning on selling your car in the next few years, it may be worth it to get your repairs done at a dealership. Dealership repairs look a little bit better on a car's record, since new buyers may not know or trust the mechanic you have been using. Potential buyers will know that all repairs done by a dealership were high quality and can be trusted. If you want your car to sell easily, it could be wise to stick with a dealership. If you are planning on keeping the car indefinitely, an auto repair shop will work just fine. 

In conclusion, you should think through the potential results of choosing a mechanic or the dealership. If the price is a big issue, you may want to talk to the dealership about making payments over time. On the other hand, an auto repair shop may be able to make the same repair for substantially cheaper. Ultimately, the choice is yours!


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