Understanding Automotive Paint Products

Understanding Automotive Paint Products

2 Reasons Not To Attempt Your Own Bodywork On A Luxury Car After Being Involved In A Fender-Bender

Stanley Garcia

After being involved in a minor collision, you may have found minor damage to your luxury car's body. Since the damage does not look too bad and does not seem like it would be difficult to fix, you may be tempted to obtain a replacement panel and fix it yourself.

However, working on the body of a car is usually more involved than it first appears. This is especially true for luxury models. There are a couple of reasons why you should not attempt to do the bodywork yourself after being involved in a fender-bender and instead should have a professional do it for you.

1.  You May Void Any Warranty for the Car If You Do It Yourself

One reason why you should forego your plans for fixing your luxury car's body after a minor collision is that you may void the warranty on the vehicle. Especially when it comes to luxury models, the warranty is often very specific about who can make any repairs on your vehicle.

If you try to work on the body and need repairs at a dealership later on, they will most likely know that you did the work and state that you have violated the warranty. It is better to go ahead and take your car to a shop that is certified to work on your car so that it is fully documented.

2.  You May Not Be Able to Easily Locate Parts for the Body on Your Own

Another reason why you should not try to do the bodywork on your car is that you may have trouble finding the parts for it. While it may not seem like it would be too difficult to find body panels to fit your vehicle, luxury models often need to have parts specially ordered from the dealership.

Or, if the dealership does not have the parts and the model is an import, an order may need to be placed to an overseas supplier. A body shop that works on luxury vehicles will have the necessary connections to find and order these parts.

If you try to do your own bodywork for your luxury car, you may wind up not only being unable to find the right parts for the make and model, but you may also void the warranty, making it impossible to have any repairs covered in the future. To avoid these problems, take your car to a luxury collision repair shop near you.


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