Understanding Automotive Paint Products

Understanding Automotive Paint Products

Why It Is Essential To Take Your Car To A Auto Body Shop After An Accident

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Modern cars are built using new methods that allow the cars to be lighter, more fuel efficient, and strong enough to survive some collisions. However, some things happen when you are involved in any type of accident that warrant you taking the car to an auto body repair shop for inspection and repair after the crash. While not every car needs major repair after an incident, it is vital to have a technician check the car for hidden damage.

Uni-Frame Construction

Knowing how your car is made can sometimes make it easier to understand the potential for damage from an accident or collision. Most modern cars are made using a method known as uni-frame constructions. 

This construction marries the frame to the body structurally and allows manufacturers to forgo building an entire frame under the vehicle. The result is a lighter vehicle that is more fuel efficient, but it also means that after an accident, the potential for panel misalignment is higher and more damage can occur at lower speeds. 

The need for an inspection at an auto body repair shop after any collision is essential, and often the uni-frame and body can twist or bend in ways that leave the car destroyed or beyond repair. 

Inspection Process

The auto body repair shop can inspect the chassis, body, and suspension of your car after an accident to determine if there is damage that needs fixing. Some damage is hard to see, and often the car needs to go on a frame rack and have some specific measurements taken to check the alignment of the chassis to the rest of the vehicle. 

The technician will check your car for any signs of damage that may not be apparent to most people looking at the car. Often a small dent or wrinkle in a frame rail or a support panel is an indication of damage that is enough to change the structure of the car and put it out of square. 

A car that is no longer square may still run and drive, but until the auto body repair shop fixes the issues, it could wear tires, damage suspension parts, or cause issues with doors and windows opening and closing correctly. 

Making Repairs

Once the inspection on your car is complete, the auto body repair shop can get to work making the repairs necessary to restore the car to its former glory. If the car is bent or twisted, it may need to be put on a frame machine and pulled back into shape. 

Most auto body shops can repair a significant amount of damage to the car but keep in mind the insurance company must approve the repairs before the body shop starts any work. If they feel the car is too costly to repair, they may total it, so check with them before you authorize any repair after an accident or collision.

For more information, contact an auto body repair shop in your area.


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