Understanding Automotive Paint Products

Understanding Automotive Paint Products

  • Tips For Having Auto Body Repair Done After Hitting A Wild Animal

    When driving, you have to worry about all sorts of potential accidents and issues. For example, you have to worry about the possibility of hitting a deer, bear, or other wild animal, especially if you spend a lot of time driving on secondary roads in rural areas. If you have recently hit a wild animal with your car, there is a good chance that your vehicle has been damaged because of it.

  • 2 Reasons Not To Attempt Your Own Bodywork On A Luxury Car After Being Involved In A Fender-Bender

    After being involved in a minor collision, you may have found minor damage to your luxury car's body. Since the damage does not look too bad and does not seem like it would be difficult to fix, you may be tempted to obtain a replacement panel and fix it yourself. However, working on the body of a car is usually more involved than it first appears. This is especially true for luxury models.

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Understanding Automotive Paint Products

Hello, my name is Bernie Ainsworth. I am intrigued with all of the different types of paint available for vehicles today. When I was growing up, vehicles only featured normal gloss, metallic or candy tones. Today, you can find color change paints and opalescent finishes that make the car look amazing. Furthermore, you can find paints made from plastic materials that peel back off without damaging the original finish. If you want a new paint job on your vehicle, it doesn't take a whole lot to change its color. However, you may still want to go to the shop if you want a professional finish. I will discuss the best way to decide between a do it yourself project or professional touch. I hope you will find my information useful. Thanks for visiting.